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Thieves Bay Marina

Info & Applications

The marina is private and is operated by the Magic Lake Estates Property Owners Society  (MLPOS).  Moorage is available only to MLPOS members and their guests.

Attention all boat owners

Marine Liability Insurance
  • Protection and Indemnity (P and I) Marine Liability Insurance must be provided for your boat.

  • This is a separate policy. You can no longer include your boat in your home insurance coverage.

  • The name of the MLPOS member to whom the berth is assigned (and nobody else)must be on the P and I insurance policy.

  • Boaters seeking casual moorage at Thieves Bay will also be required to provide proof of having this insurance for their boats.


Payment of Moorage Fees
  • Your moorage fees are due by May 1 annually.

  • If payment plus your signed contract plus a copy of your Protection and Indemnity Marine Liability Insurance have not been received by May 15th, you will be charged the Casual Moorage rate of $42/foot/year for your berth.

  • To make payment easier for you, email transfers can now be accepted. Send these to

  • In the past we have phoned boaters delinquent in their moorage renewals. This will no longer be happening.

Casual Moorage
  • Casual moorage rates are calculated on the length of the berth assigned, not on the length of the boat moored.

  • Casual moorage is available only on a monthly basis. The fees for casual moorage are $3.50/foot/month.

  • All Casual Moorage Applications must be accompanied by proof of valid Protection and Indemnity Marine Liability Insurance in order to be processed. Without this insurance, an application is considered incomplete and your boat will not be allowed in the marina.

A few notes...
  • The marina is full this year. Please let us know if your boat will not be in its berth for 7 or more consecutive days so we can accommodate casual moorage applications. Casual Moorage fees help cover the costs of maintaining the marina.

  • If you sell your boat and acquire a new vessel, you must fill out a moorage application for the new boat. Marina contracts are non-transferable, which means they are boat and owner specific. Moorage fees are non-refundable.

  • We are corresponding with our boaters predominantly by email these days. In order to remain up-to-date with marina information, please let us know if your email address changes.

  • You may have noticed that a few of the “derelict” boats in the marina have either been cleaned up or removed. The marina team has taken an active role in implementing this direction from the membership at the A.G.M.

  • A theft deterrent program is in place at the marina. We continue to emphasize that boat owners stow gear out of sight or locked up. The best tool in theft prevention is not to offer stuff to take!

Marina Contact Information
  • Wally Foster. Marina General Manager.

  • Art Curtis. Marina Operations Manager.

  • Dave Harrison. Marina Projects Manager.

  • Ian Syme. Marina Maintenance Manager.

Marina Information

Click on any of the links below to learn more about Thieves Bay Marina and it's operations

Application Forms

Please download, print and complete blank forms

Remit completed forms to:

MLPOS folder at Dockside Realty office (Driftwood Centre)  - or -

Mail P.O Box 65, Pender Island, BC V0N 2M0

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