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Thieves Bay Marina & Park

Marina location:

The marina facility is located at 48°46'Nº  123°19W on the west side of North Pender Island in the southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada.  Entrance to the marina is from Swanson Channel.


The marina is private and is operated by the Magic Lake Estates Property Owners Society  (MLPOS).  Moorage is available only to MLPOS members and their guests.

Park Location:

Anchor Way, Magic Lake Estates


Picnic tables, Bench, outhouse, swing set, boat ramp, turnaround near the boat ramp.

Mouat Park

Mouat Park, located at the corner of Storm Crescent and Schooner Way, is a little oasis in Magic Lake. Donated in 1979 to MLPOS, it was developed as a native plant sanctuary early in the 2000s. Paths were constructed and a memorial bench was installed. 

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