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Thieves Bay Marina - Click to see larger diagram 

Marina Security
The marina is camera monitored. Any theft attempts or thefts must be reported to RCMP, under the advisement of the Marina Manager.
Marina Policies

Thieves Bay Marina is proud to have strict governance and environmental policies so that members know what is needed to protect the environment for present and future members as well as the wildlife around the marina. 

​In recognition of our environmental policies, we do not allow personal watercraft (such as Sea-Doos or Jet Skis), sea planes or overly loud boats to use our marina.


The marina is entirely run by volunteers.  In 2015, a huge reconfiguration project was undertaken in response to an increase in the number of requests for larger boat slips and reduced need for smaller boat slips.

Thieves Bay Marina

Thieves Bay Marina is a private marina. You must be a member of MLPOS and maintain your annual membership to qualify for permanent moorage. Proof of boat ownership (Vessel registration or declaration of ownership) and boat insurance (minimum of $1,000,000 Protection and Indemnity coverage) is also required. 

Annual Moorage Rates

The marina boasts among the most reasonable rates in the country. The annual rate for moorage is $13.50 per berth foot per year, plus GST.

There are 187 slips, two emergency berths and two berths for the ambulance. The maximum boat length is 36 feet; maximum beam 12 feet.


Please note:

- Memberships must be renewed by April 30 annually.

- All owners of a vessel having annual moorage must be members of MLPOS.

- Overdue accounts will be posted at the Thieves Bay notice board
at the dock building.

- There is a wait list for some-sized slips.             

Casual Moorage Rates

Casual moorage rates are also calculated on the length of the berth assigned. Casual moorage is available on a monthly basis for MLPOS members who are coming for a short stay or for those waiting for a permanent slip to become available. Space permitting, casual moorage can also be offered to non-members as long as their applications are sponsored by a member of the society. Payment can be made via PayPal or e-transfers. All Casual Moorage Applications must be accompanied by proof of valid Protection and Indemnity Marine Liability Insurance in order to be processed. Without this insurance, an application is considered incomplete and your boat will not be allowed in the marina.

Rates for Casual Moorage:

3.50 per foot per month. Calculated on the length of the berth, not the length of the boat. This includes GST.

Moorage Applications

You may also pick up an application at Dockside Realty, just inside the door at the realty office at the Driftwood shopping centre.



Call 250-629-3686 for any issues at the marina. You may also email the marina at.


The marina is also a prime spot for whale watching. Park at Thieves Bay Park and walk to the breakwater when the Orcas and, occasionally, Humpbacks, are around. Learn more about our local marine life»


With advice from the RCMP and MLPOS members, an enhanced security system has been put in place for Thieves Bay Marina. Please ensure you report any thefts to the Marina team or the RCMP so we can monitor the issue better. Please remember no security system works better than not leaving items out for folks to walk away with!!



If you or someone falls into the water at the marina, what do you do?  The marina is equipped with fall-down ladders to help you get out. Climbing onto the dock can be quite a challenge!! The ladders are easy to operate by pulling toward you and letting down into the water. If you are in the water, a slight lift up and pull towards you will disengage them. Next time down at the docks, become familiar where they are and try one out to see how they operate. 

Marina Contact Information
  • Marina Phone Line
    (250) 629.3686

  • Wally Foster. Marina General Manager.

  • Art Curtis. Marina Operations Manager.

  • Ian Syme. Marina Maintenance Manager.

  • Dave Harrison. Marina Projects Manager.

  • Marina email

The marina facility is located at 48°46'Nº  123°19W on the west side of North Pender Island in the southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada.  Entrance to the marina is from Swanson Channel.

Those entering the marina are advised to give a wide berth along the west side of the breakwater due to a rock hazard.  Note that there are additional hazards not depicted on the map. Those leaving the marina are advised to make sure the orcas (killer whales) are not passing  since it is illegal to disturb them.


Charts include Book 3313 or Charts 3441 and 3442 (1:40,000 scale) which provide the best detail, or you can use Chart 3462 which is 1:80,000 and not as detailed, but it does cover both North and South Pender Islands.

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