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Thieves Bay Park


Anchor Way, Magic Lake Estates


Picnic tables, Bench, outhouse, swing set, boat ramp, turnaround near the boat ramp.

This well used park provides a space for large gatherings as well as space for children to play on the swings, grassy field, and sandy beach. It has a large parking lot with enough room for short term trailer parking, and a cement boat ramp with a large turnaround beside the access to the marina. There is an outhouse for your convenience. The grassy area can be very wet during the rainy season.


Thieves Bay Park is operated by Pender Island Parks (CRD)» and is open to the general public to use.  An outhouse, picnic tables and swings are also located at the park.

A boat launch ramp next to Thieves Bay Park for smaller trailered boats is available to all (no fee), but it is only viable at higher tides because of mud.  Four wheel drive is a plus.


During summer months Orcas (Killer Whales) may swim close to the breakwater, making the vista point next to the marina one of the best orca-watching spots in the region. The vista point is also popular for sunset and storm watching.


Note:  Due to the narrow access road that is also used by an ambulance, the public must park in the parking lot indicated below, or along the shoulder of the road to the east of the telephone booth. Do not drive down the marina access road unless you are a marina member loading your boat (30 minute limit).

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