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3748 Privateers Road


Two private courts

Bathroom facility

If you move to Magic Lake Estates, membership in the association is encouraged.  The annual membership fee is $21 (includes GST). The benefits include the ability to acquire a slip at the marina, preferred tennis/pickle ball court rates and a voice through the association on matters affecting local residents. 

Not only is the annual membership rate among the best you will find in the province (See rates below), but the two courts are in excellent condition and re-surfaced regularly as needed. 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, players gather for mixed doubles on a drop-in basis.   This group consists of a wide range of skills but the emphasis is on good-natured banter and fun tennis.  The group varies from one day to the next and provides an excellent opportunity for newcomers to meet local and visiting players.  Invariably these contacts lead to friendships, arranged matches and tons of high quality trash talk.  Guests are always welcome and we have come to expect return seasonal visits from tennis friends from California, Oregon, Scotland, Germany,  various other European countries, and of course Ontario, Alberta and many BC locations.

Annually we have two doubles tournaments for members – a spring charity tournament and a multi-tiered summer championship. 

As enjoyable as the drop-in sessions are, one of the great advantages of Magic Lake tennis is the availability of courts.  It does not take long to figure out when the courts are available for practice sessions or for introducing young kids to this great sport − family tennis at its best.

Finally, if you think Magic Lake tennis is not different from big city tennis, try and recall when you last played tennis while a doe had her fawn on the lawn, not 30 feet from your court.  O.K., that isn’t a common experience but once was enough to convince the 8 players on the court at the time that Magic Lake tennis really is unique.

Photos on this page by Derek Holzapfel

Daily or Weekly casual Fees
(requires $10 key deposit)
  • Daily rate (per person)  $3 per day

  • Weekly rate (per person)  $10 per week

Pay-as-you-play fees can be deposited in honour box at the courts.

For court keys call Mike Wiley (250-629-3911)

Magic Lake Tennis Fees:

For members of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society

  • Single Membership  $23.10

  • Family Membership  $38.85


For non-members of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society

  • Single Membership  $54.60

  • Family Membership  $70.35    

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