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MLPOS Meeting Minutes - March 14, 2016

MINUTES OF THE MAGIC LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS` SOCIETY DIRECTORS MEETING HELD ON MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2016 AT 3:00 PM AT THE PENDER ISLAND SCHOOL MEETING ROOM 5714 CANAL ROAD, PENDER ISLAND, BC PRESENT: Peter Morton President Wally Foster General Manager – Marina Dave Reed Member-at-Large Kathy Gilbert Secretary Mike Wiley Director of Recreation / Tennis Jean Deschenes Treasurer Jeremy Harwood Marina Maintenance Manager Glenn Henderson Marina Projects Manager Joanna Rogers Office Manager REGRETS: Jim McCrum Vice-President Peter Testemale Marina Operations Manager 1. CALL TO ORDER Chair Morton called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm. 2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Moved by Jeremy Harwood Seconded by Wally Foster That the agenda be approved. CARRIED 3. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES Moved by Jean Deschenes Seconded by Mike Wally That the Minutes of the February 15 2016 Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society Directors Meeting be approved. CARRIED 4. DELEGATION None. 5. BUSINESS ARISING FROM MINUTES Michael Symonds, Chair of the Pender Island Parks and Recreation Commission, will be invited to attend the April 11 2016 meeting to discuss items of mutual interest with MLPOS. Potential discussion items include: upgrades at Thieves Bay Park, a pagoda, upgrades to the boat ramp at the park, and upgrades to the dock at Magic Lake. Jeremy Harwood will invite Michael. 6. TREASURER`S REPORT Jean Deschenes presented the February 2016 report and noted no significant changes and no unexpected expenditures compared with February 2015. Term deposits are coming due. Moved by Mike Wiley Seconded by Glenn Henderson That the Treasurer’s report be approved. CARRIED 7. DIRECTOR REPORTS a. Marina Various options to provide power at the marina were discussed – generators vs supplying of power via conventional plug-ins. It was noted that 30 amp service and GFIs will be required. Moved by Wally Foster Seconded by Jeremy Harwood That two generators be purchased. CARRIED Kathy Gilbert opposed Glenn Henderson noted that volunteers are removing items out of the water, such as logs and leaving them on the dock. A message needs to be provided that this is not an acceptable practice. Glenn will investigate acquisition of a self-priming pump to be used if a boat is taking on water in a storm. Jeremy advised that painting of new parking lines is imminent. Glenn advised that the plan to install new floatation under the shed will entail towing the shed to the park and reinstalling floatation. Wally advised that boat owners will be required to use their boats (ie out of the marina) at least twice a year. In response to a question regarding enforcement, he stated that the marina team members visit the marina frequently and are able to tell which boats sit unused. He further advised that the two derelict boats in the marina are for sale. b. Recreation / Tennis Mike Wiley advised that a US postal pick-up address is required in order to save costs and time for bringing items such as scrapers over the border. c. Director-at-Large Dave Reed advised that that the whale trail sign has been installed at the marina. Dave also stated that $50,000 is required to study the Pender bus proposal. Dave attended the last meeting regarding addressing repair of the Chart Drive sewage disposal system. He suggested that Area Director Dave Howe be lobbied to support installation of a septic system, rather than a force main. He stated that attendance by MLPOS at the Capital Regional District meetings on such matters was beneficial. He also advised that the upcoming alternative approval process (AAP) would require at least 62 people to sign the petition in order to defeat the AAP. With respect the recent survey on short term vacation rentals, Dave advised that Islands Trustee Dianne Barber interpreted the results as local residents favouring STVRs. Moved by Wally Foster Seconded by Jean Deschenes That the Directors’ reports be accepted. CARRIED 8. CORRESPONDENCE Kathy Gilbert presented a letter from Alison Higginson expressing concern over the condition of Mouat Park, as well as noting its original purpose when it was donated to MLPOS. Various options discussed included: establishment of a community garden, planting grass, weed whacking, selling the park, and leaving the park as is. A realtor may be contacted to ascertain the value of the property. 9. NEW BUSINESS a. President’s letter Board members agreed that the President’s letter was appropriate. b. Electricity at Marina See item 7a above. c. Future of Mouat Park See item 8 above. Board members also discussed the contract with Doug Bates, who has stated that he would not be undertaking lawn cutting in 2016 due to insurance costs. Board members agreed that Doug will be asked to provide a quote to MLPOS that will include his cost for liability insurance and that the Board will pay that cost. d. Discussion re time / day for MLPOS meetings After discussion, it was agreed to leave the time and day as is, because this is the most convenient time and day for most Board members, and the room at the school is unavailable at the suggested time. Further, the Board was also advised that the school may require the meeting room starting in September, at the present time and day, necessitating relocation of MLPOS Board meetings. e. Possible inclusion of non-owners in MLPOS membership Board members commented on the need for more members in MLPOS, but did not want to see membership opened to non-owners. Dave advised that he has some ideas for increasing membership. 10. ADJOURNMENT Moved by Jeremy Harwood that the March 14 2016 meeting of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society be adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 pm. Next meeting April 11 2016 3:00 pm Pender Island School

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