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Presidents Letter, Spring 2017

Dear MLPOS members.

As the spring weather finally approaches, it's time to renew our memberships, moorage contacts and tennis fees.

Boaters, please remember that proof of one million Protection and Indemnity Marine Liability on your vessel must accompany your renewal form. Unfortunately, we recently discovered that your homeowner’s policy will not cover your boat, the marina or your fellow boaters. This might cause additional costs to some of you, but remember, we still have the lowest moorage rates on the west coast and it is better for everybody to have the correct form of liability insurance rather than finding out the hard way that the coverage they thought they had is not valid!

The wait list is considerably shorter thanks to the huge dock reconfiguration in the summer of 2015. Thanks again to the marina directors and volunteers. We are planning to re-float the work shed and put in a new fish cleaning station in hopes of a good year. We are still assessing hard-wiring on the dock. If you need power and a small generator will work for you, let us know. We have two you can borrow. We all need to help look after this fantastic asset. So let's not leave refuse in front of the shed or on the docks. Take it home. The marina directors are busy enough.

We also have a great tennis facility, thanks again to the volunteers, You and the marina crew are the backbone of the society so, thank you. If you are in the neighbourhood of Storm Crescent and Schooner Way, pop in to Mouat Park. Bring your gardening gloves and clippers; do some weeding and clipping of the blackberry bushes.

We continue to work with the CRD, Parks, and Magic Lake Water and Sewer to do advocacy work on your behalf. So it's not all about boating and playing tennis. I've had the chance to visit a lot of new places in the world this year and, the more places I visit, the more I realize how lucky we are to live on Pender.

Don’t forget to check out our new website at You will find lots of information about the society, marina, tennis courts and life in Magic Lake Estates. We post minutes of our directors’ meetings here and, new this year, is the option to pay some of our member dues via PayPal through our new website. We are trying to make things easier for you.

Have a safe and happy summer.

Peter Morton


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