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Magic Lake Property Owners' Society Tennis Courts on Privateers Road.


Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic the board of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society (MLPOS) has decided to limit access and use of the courts. Effective immediately the following restrictions apply: 1. Maximum of 2 persons using each court - 2 people per court to play singles, hit serves or practice ground strokes etc. 2. Only players allowed inside the fence. 3. If MLPOS can supply handy-wipes or similar disinfectant with which to wipe doorknobs before and after play we will do so, otherwise players should bring their own for this purpose. 4. If others are waiting for a court to play a game please be gracious. If a person is using the court for practice it is proper etiquette for him/her to relinquish the court for those waiting to play a game. If you and a friend are playing a game and another two are waiting for a court, please relinquish your court with in an hour. These are stressful times for all of us. No player needs a hassle over tennis court times.

Hopefully these restrictions are temporary and can be lifted soon but there is always a possibility that they might last for longer than we now anticipate. These courts were meant to be enjoyed and to be available for fun, and fitness. Perhaps there has never been a greater need for both. Please abide by these measures. If we fail, the only other option is to close the courts entirely.



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