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MLPOS Directors Meeting August 10 2020

Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society Directors’ Meeting

August 10, 2020. Thieves Bay Park


Jeremy Harwood President

Bob Coulson Vice-President

Jean Deschenes Treasurer

Art Curtis Marina Projects Manager

Ian Syme Marina Maintenance Manager

Robb Zuk Marina Operations Manager

Dave Reed Director-at-Large

Joanna Rogers Office Manager


Kathy Gilbert Secretary

Wally Foster Marina General Manager

Mike Wiley Director of Recreation/Tennis

1. Meeting called to order at 4.05pm.

2. Motion to approve the agenda.

Moved by Bob Coulson, seconded by Ian Syme. Carried.

3. Approval of previous meeting minutes.

Minutes not available.

4, Delegation.

No delegates present.

5. Business arising from previous minutes.

Bob Coulson gave an update on the Local Governance Act.

6. Treasurer’s Report.

Moorage, casual moorage and breakwater fees are already above the annual budgeted amount.

Expenses are on track.

Fund balances remain the same.

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.

Moved by Bob Coulson, seconded by Jeremy Harwood. Carried.

7. Directors’ Reports.

Marina Report.

Robb has been away working a lot over the previous month. Dave and Joanna mostly took care of moorage related inquiries and issues. Robb stresses the fact that, as a volunteer-run marina, it may take up to a week for inquiries to be addressed.

Ian reported that one of the marina carts needs repairing. He will take care of this.

Art reported that the floats for the rowboat dock have been received. Construction will start mid-August to September.

3.45pm. Ian Syme left the meeting.

Bob expressed concern about the safety of children on the docks and on the water. MLPOS will collect children’s PFDs, commission a sign similar to the one at the dock at Port Browning, and install these on A-Dock. Robb believes he can get his hands on at least 6 PFDs.

Recreation/Tennis Report.

No report.

Director-at-Large Report.

It looks like we will get a Temporary Use Permit for the gazebo at the tennis park.

There is an election coming up for the Magic Lake Water and Sewer Committee. Nominations are open. A nomination form was mailed to all residents of Magic Lake Estates.

Motion to accept the Directors’ Reports.

Moved by Jean Deschenes, seconded by Art Curtis. Carried.

8. Correspondence.

No correspondence has been received.

9. New Business.


10. Other.

Recruiting new board members.

Kathy Gilbert, unfortunately, is not planning on running for another term so a new secretary will need to be found.


This year’s AGM will be held on Oct 17th at the Royal Canadian Legion on MacKinnon Road from 1-3pm.

Physical distancing will be in place and the number of attendees will be limited to how many the space can safely accommodate.

Face masks will be required.

Pre-registration for attendance will be offered.

Directors’ meetings can also be held at the Legion this year. The community room at the school is too small to allow for physical distancing and probably won’t be available for use.

11. Meeting adjourned at 5.10pm.

Next meeting and location: September 14 at Thieves Bay Park.

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