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MLPOS Directors' Meeting. July 11, 2022

Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society

Directors Meeting

July 11th, 2022

Thieves Bay Park


Bob Coulson President

Art Curtis Marina Projects Manager

Jean Deschenes Treasurer

Lori Davenport Secretary

Wally Foster Marina General Manager

Dave Reed Director-at-Large

Mike Wiley Recreation/Tennis

Joanna Rogers Office Manager

plus guests: Mary & Rollie Guenette


Jeremy Harwood Vice President

Ian Syme Marina Maintenance Manager

Robb Zuk Marina Operations Manager

1. Meeting called to order at 4.05pm.

2. Motion to approve the Agenda

Moved by Dave Reed, seconded by Jean Deschenes. Approved.

3. Motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

Moved by Mike Wiley, seconded by Wally Foster. Approved.

4. No delegation present.

5. Business arising from previous minutes.


Lori is working on the pre-application for the Gaming Grant. We should know whether or not we received funding from the AgriSpirit Grant some time in September. Continue to look for funding opportunities.

Governance Update

Bob will be meeting with MLA, Adam Olsen on Wednesday, July 13 to get an update. He will report back to the board at the next meeting

Rainwater Collection

There have been 3 committed residents. Response has been slow, possibly due to lack of advertising. Joanna will send Lori a write up to go into the Pender Post and on the Pender Marketplace Facebook site. Continue to look for any funding opportunities.

Lawn signs

Received a quote for 48 lawn signs at $716.60 plus tax. There is no consensus on the design or colour of the signs, once Bob receives a proof, he will forward to Board Members for review. These signs will be available to any members.

Motion to approve subject to consensus from Board on sign design

Moved by Art Curtis, seconded by Jean Deschenes. Approved

Lawn Tractor and Shed

Shed is adequate for now. A few board members will meet up at the shed and decide what repairs are required.

6. Treasurer’s Report

See attached report, budget comparison and balance sheet.

Revenues and Expenses are on track with the budget.

Expenses less due to decrease in property tax.

Jean and Joanna will keep an eye on the interest rate to determine if we should look into a term deposit.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.

Moved by Lori Davenport, seconded by Wally Foster. Approved.

7. Directors’ Reports

Marina Report presented by Wally Foster, Art Curtis, and Dave Reed.

There have been 3 work parties held to help with moving G dock north and to secure some loose boards. Possibly another work party in September. Ian working on the work boat, bottom has been cleared. The Marina Team will be contacting owners with a boat that requires attention and owners with a boat that needs to be moved to a smaller dock.

Joanna will confirm that insurance protection includes environmental damages.

Recreation/Tennis presented by Mike

Lots of activity on the courts, especially pickle ball. More pickle ball players than tennis players. The second court will be painted once cleaned to accommodate more players.

Director-at-Large presented by Dave Reed.

Dave suggested a 10x10 Gazebo would be a great addition to the playground, one was advertised for $1600, which seemed very reasonable. Dave will look into it further and get back to the board.

Motion to accept the Directors’ Reports as presented.

Moved by Art Curtis, seconded by Mike Wiley. Approved.

8. No correspondence.

9. New Business

MLA Adam Olsen’s Visit to Pender Island

Bob will be meeting with Adam Olsen to discuss our Governance status and what are the future plans for aging residents on the Island, will there be government funding available?

10. Other Business

2022 AGM

The tentative date for our AGM is October 22 at the Anglican Church. There will be a zoom option for those who prefer to attend virtually.

11. Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm

Next meeting: September 12 at 4pm at Thieves Bay Park or the Legion depending on the weather. There will be no meeting in August


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