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MLPOS Directors' Meeting, June 13 2022

Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society

Directors Meeting. June 13, 2022. Pender Island Legion.


Bob Coulson President

Art Curtis Marina Projects Manager

Jean Deschenes Treasurer

Wally Foster Marina General Manager

Dave Reed Director-at-Large

Ian Syme Marina Maintenance Manager

Robb Zuk Marina Operations Manager

Joanna Rogers Office Manager

plus guests; Dale Henning, Peter Hodgson, Donna Kilbey, Marjory Levien.


Lori Davenport Secretary

Jeremy Harwood Vice President

Mike Wiley Recreation/Tennis.

1. Meeting called to order at 4.02pm.

2. Motion to approve the Agenda as amended to include David Howe’s resignation as CRD Director for the Southern Gulf Islands added to Other Business. Moved by Jean Deschenes, seconded by Ian Syme. Approved.

3. Motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Moved by Dave Reed, seconded by Jean Deschenes. Approved.

4. No delegation present.

5. Business arising from previous minutes.


Motion to allocate $25,000 from general allocated fund towards new playground equipment. Moved by Jean Deschenes, seconded by Art Curtis. Approved.

Governance Update.

Nothing to report.

Rainwater Collection.

Three Pre-approval Applications have been received to date.

Joanna Rogers and Wally Foster will submit a Grant-in-Aid application to the CRD for further funding of this project.

New Firehall Welcome Sign.

The new sign has been installed.

Constitutional Amendment re: temporary second Director-at-Large.

Exact wording of proposed amendment will be discussed at the August Directors meeting in preparation for presentation at this year’s AGM.

Lawn Tractor and Shed.

All is in order.

6. Treasurer’s Report.

See attached report, budget comparison and balance sheet.

Revenues and Expenses are on track with the budget.

Less Casual Moorage and Breakwater Fees revenue received than last year, but more Tennis Fees than budgeted due to popularity of pickleball.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Moved by Robb Zuk, seconded by Ian Syme. Approved.

7. Directors’ Reports.

Marina Report presented by Wally Foster, Art Curtis, Ian Syme, Robb Zuk and Dave Reed.

The marina boat and trailer are slated for repairs and maintenance.

The Marina Team received a request for handicapped parking at the marina from member Ian Chuckery. Due to the fact that at the moment there are only 4 loading/unloading spots, and no parking spots, on marina property for all 180 berths, the Marina Team decided that designating one of these spots for handicapped parking is not feasible at this time but this issue will be revisited.

Art will be organizing some work parties soon to replace boards on the docks and to move G Dock.

There is a conscious effort to move some boats around to allow more active boaters access to drift-in berths.

Recreation/Tennis presented by Dave Reed.

Lots of activity on the courts. The drop-in tennis and pickle ball slots see upwards of 14 and 18 people respectively.

There is no current opposition to the pickle ball lines from tennis players.

Director-at-Large presented by Dave Reed.

Motion to supply materials and volunteers to build a picnic table for the paramedics to use at the clinic. Moved by Wally, seconded by Ian. Approved.

Motion to accept the Directors’ Reports as presented. Moved by Wally Foster, seconded by Art Curtis. Approved.

8. No correspondence.

9. New Business.

Speed limit signs and consultation with various agencies.

Bob Coulson will write letters to the RCMP and Ministry of Highways expressing concern about speeding traffic in Magic Lake Estates, lobbying for enforcement of the 50km/hour speed limit, and requesting an official road sign on Privateers by the playground alerting drivers to slow down.

Peter Hodgson brought a sample speed limit sign he made. These could be erected throughout Magic Lake Estates.

David Nickoli’s email about inexpensive lawn signs urging drivers to slow down was discussed and considered to be a good idea. Joanna will email this to Peter Hodgson to see how much these signs might cost.

Research Intern.

Acacia Lee has completed a survey of the lots in Magic Lake Estates. Out of the 1200 – 1300 lots in MLE:

145 lots are undeveloped.

66 lots have improvements valued at less than $100,000 and probably just have out buildings on them.

5 lots just have a dock on them and no buildings.

Acacia will be digitizing the old photographs given to MLPOS by members who have moved off island. She will also be digitizing older documents in a format that will make them searchable.

10. Other Business.

Bob Coulson has sent David Howe a letter thanking him for his work as the CRD Director for the Southern Gulf Islands and for his involvement with establishing the Green Angels.

Paul Brent, David Howe’s Alternate, will be taking over David’s position until the elections in October.

11. Meeting adjourned at 4.55pm.

Next meeting: July 11, 2022 at 4pm at Thieves Bay Park or the Legion depending on the weather.


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