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MLPOS Directors' Meeting. June 14, 2021.


Board of Directors’ MeetingMinutes

June 14, 2021

ThievesBay Park

Attendees: Jeremy Harwood President and Chair

Bob Coulson Vice President

Lori Davenport Secretary

Jean Deschenes Treasurer

Art Curtis Marina Projects Manager

Wally Foster Marina General Manager

Mike Wiley Recreation/Tennis

Dave Reed Member-at-Large

Joanna Rogers Office Manager

Absent: Robb Zukk Marina Operations Manager

Ian Syme Marina Maintenance Manager



  1. Called to order at 4:05pm

  1. Approval of Agenda


Motioned by Dave

Seconded by Wally


  1. Approval of previous minutes


Motioned by Jean

Seconded by Wally Carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  • Jean presented the attached report for discussion

  • Budget looks good and on track

  • Moorage, membership and tennis up from last year

Motioned by Wally

Seconded by Mike


  1. Marina Report

  • New sign will be installed

  • Keep old sign and display elsewhere

  1. Recreation/Tennis Report

Pickle ball

  • Pickle ball lines are in and residents have been playing

  • There will be an article in the Pender Post encouraging members to come out and play


  • 3 piles of branches and debris need to be disposed of, need to get a chipper. Contact Good as Wood and Michael Bradley to get a quote

  • Purchase tractor and keep it on park property in the existing shed

  • MLPOS members will mow the park area


  1. Director-at-Large

Water and Sewer

  • Construction going well, the only complaints from construction have been some drivers driving too fast

  1. Directors Report

Approval of Directors Report

Motioned by Lori

Seconded by Art


  1. Correspondence

No Correspondence

  1. Playground

  • Submit the Healthy Communities grant, deadline June 25

  • Prepare a proposed design layout for the playground that we can present to residents. MLPOS to plan a date to meet in the park and discuss project with local neighbours



  1. New Business

To determine the demographics of Magic Lake Estates, a survey will be sent out to all Magic Lake Residents


  1. Adjourn

Adjourned at 6:08 pm

Next Meeting: July 12, 2021 @4:00 pm

Location: TBD


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