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MLPOS Directors' Meeting. May 10, 2021.

MLPOS Directors’ meeting minutes


Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes May 10, 2021 Via Zoom

Attendees: Jeremy Harwood President and Chair

Bob Coulson Vice President

Lori Davenport Secretary

Jean Deschenes Treasurer

Robb Zuk Marina Operations Manager

Art Curtis Marina Projects Manager

Wally Foster Marina General Manager

Ian Syme Marina Maintenance Manager

Mike Wiley Recreation/Tennis

Dave Reed Member-at-Large

Joanna Rogers Office Manager and Meeting Host

Delegate: Rick Mudie Resident of Magic Lake

Discussion Action

1. Called to order at 4:10pm

2. Approval of Agenda


Motioned by Dave

Seconded by Ian


3. Approval of previous minutes


Motioned by Wally

Seconded by Art


4. Delegation

Rick Mudie voiced concerns from local residents living near Thieves Bay Marina about the proposed concert in the park to take place over the summer months. MLPOS has no authority over the park and has recommended residents contact the Parks committee with any complaints and to participate in the May 14th meeting regarding this proposal

5. Treasurer’s Report

➢ Jean presented the attached report for discussion

➢ April has been a traditionally slow month

➢ Revenue and expenses were slightly higher than April 2020

➢ Allocated funds remain the same

Motioned by Bob

Seconded by Wally


MLPOS Directors’ meeting minutes


➢ Budget on track

➢ Any cheques from Marina fees will be deposited for May

6. Marina Report

➢ Lighting is ready to be installed

➢ New sign to be installed

➢ Need to get brackets to install life jackets

➢ “No parking” sign will be removed and installed somewhere else

➢ Need to get a new battery and box for battery

➢ Joanna working on marina renewals

➢ Robb will review waitlist over the next month

7. Recreation/Tennis Report

Pickle ball

➢ Pickle ball lines going in this week


➢ No overnight parking sign should be installed in the tennis parking area

➢ Revisit raising tennis fees after the summer

➢ Tennis key deposit to be raised to $20

➢ 3 piles of branches and debris need to be disposed of, need to get a chipper

8. Director-at-Large

Water and Sewer

➢ No grant updates

➢ Gravel has been brought in


➢ Tournament to be organized

9. Correspondence

No correspondence

10. Playground

➢ Apply for the Healthy Communities grant which opens up on May 14

➢ Prepare a proposed design layout for the playground that we can present to residents and at the AGM, look at getting a student who is able to do some drafting or is familiar with AutoCAD


Lori will talk to CRC

11. Closed Meeting

A draft will be presented to the Board at the June meeting


12. New Business

No new business

13. Adjourn

Adjourned at 5:23 pm

Next Meeting: June 14, 2021 @4:00 pm

Location: TBD


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