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MLPOS Directors Meeting Minutes. November 9, 2020.

Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2020 – Legion Hall

Attendees: Jeremy Harwood President and Chair

Lori Davenport Secretary

Jean Deschenes Treasurer

Wally Foster Marina General Manager

Robb Zuk Marina Operations Manager

Art Curtis Marina Projects Manager

Ian Syme Marina Maintenance Manager

Mike Wiley Recreation / Tennis

Dave Reed Member-at-Large

Joanna Rogers Office Manager and Meeting Host

Absent: Bob Coulson Vice President

Mike Wiley Recreation / Tennis Discussion Action

1. Called to order at 4:08 pm

2. Approval of Agenda


Motioned by Wally

Seconded by Jean


3. Approval of previous minutes

No minutes provided

4. Delegation

No Delegates

5. Treasurer’s Report

 Jean presented the attached report for discussion

 Revenue, expenses and budget on track

 $50,000 general allocated savings may be used for purchases with a motion

 October 31 cash balance $81,952

Motioned by Art

Seconded by Wally


6. Marina Report

 Look at used market for boat trailer

 Donated Tanzer sailboat is for sale, proceeds will be donated where needed

 Look into purchasing 4 new dock carts from Payne’s Marine Supply, cost is approximately $500 each

 Peter Hodgson is donating larger sign for Marina

 2 new 20-pound fire extinguisher to be installed on Dock A

 New process is needed for deciding temporary moorage/casual spots


MLPOS Directors’ meeting minutes


 Large gap on Dock A ramp during low tide needs to be addressed, safety concern

 Railing needed at top of Dock A ramp for protection from drop off

7. Recreation/Tennis Report

Pickle ball

 Weather dependent to complete lines on court

 Require a truck box (preferably lockable to store equipment) look for used one in good condition


 Drop-in tennis doing well

 Court key rentals slow


8. Director-at-Large

The future of BC Ambulance Service on Pender is in question

Dave to invite Shannon Brayford, Unit Chief, BC Ambulance, to next meeting

9. New Business

Bob will provide update on governance issue at next meeting


10. Santa’s Sac

MLPOS will donate $750 to Santa’s Sac

Motioned by Jean

Seconded by Wally


11. Other


12. Adjourn

Adjourned at 5:04 pm

Next Meeting: December 14, 2020 @4:00 pm

Location: Legion Hall


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