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Presidents Letter, Spring 2016

Dear M.L.P.O.S. Members, As the fine weather approaches, it is time once again for us all to renew our memberships. Your invoice is enclosed. The past year has been very busy for the folks here at your M.L.P.O.S. headquarters. We accomplished a huge dock reconfiguration down at the Thieves Bay marina providing additional spots for bigger boats and shortening the Wait List considerably. A huge thanks needs to go to all of the volunteers, especially the team leaders – the marina crew (Glenn Henderson, Jeremy Harwood, Peter Testemale and Wally Foster) who put their weekends on hold to work on this project over several months. At one time, there were 23 volunteers; and they were not there for the hot dogs! This was a huge undertaking and yet another demonstration of the dedication of our Marina Managers and boat owners. We are still assessing the hardwiring of the docks at Thieves Bay. Some safety issues have come to our notice. While we work this out, we will be providing two small generators for our marina members' use. Please bear with us on this. Dock safety is always a high priority for us. As members of the Magic Lake Property Owners Association, you are members of a volunteer organization. It is expected that you will put time and energy into the facilities. One of the problems we are having is that people are leaving refuse in front of the marina shed. This just transfers the refuse problem to the marina directors. In future if you remove refuse from the water, please take it home anddispose of it. Please do not stack driftwood on the dock. We continue to work with the CRD and the Magic Lake Water and Sewer Committee on resolving issues around the sewer systems in Magic Lake. Stay tuned for updates on this. We would like to thank the tennis volunteers who run the tournaments, repair or rebuild equipment as required and answer the call whenever extra hands are needed for clean-up or maintenance around the court or playground. We are so lucky to have this tennis court in our neighbourhood and, without the contribution of time and energy from the tennis volunteers, this would not be possible. So, take your hats off to this team next time you pass by the courts. We would like to communicate with our members by email. We are hoping you will give us your email address to make this possible. Just email us at Remember that M.L.P.O.S. is your society and our directors are elected by you and work for you. We do advocacy work for our members so if you have any concerns relating to your quality of life in Magic Lake Estates, let us know and we'll see what we can do to help. Have a safe and happy summer. Peter Morton, President.

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