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MLPOS - 2017 AGM Meeting Minutes








President Peter Morton General Manager-Marina

Jeremy Harwood Vice-President

Art Curtis Marina Maintenance Manager

Mike Wiley Director – Tennis / Recreation

Kathy Gilbert Secretary

Glenn Henderson Marina Projects Manager

Dave Reed Member-at-Large

Jean Deschenes Treasurer

Joanna Rogers Officer Manager


Ian Syme Marina Operations Manager

MEMBERS: Approximately 31



Chair Peter Morton called the meeting to order at 2:02 pm.


Chair Morton welcomed those present and introduced Board members present, together with Officer Manager Joanna Rogers.


Moved by Jeremy Harwood

Seconded by Dave Reed

That the agenda be approved.


Moved by Glenn Henderson

Seconded by Jim McCrum

That the order of business be varied to allow for presentations by Art Curtis regarding construction of a second (emergency only) egress from Magic Lake Estates; and by Roy Moore regarding construction of a lawn bowling green at the Magic Lake Estates (MLE) tennis court site. (Items 8a and 8b on the agenda.)



Moved by Glenn Henderson

Seconded by Jeremy Harwood

That the Minutes of the September 17, 2016 Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society Annual General Meeting be approved.





a. Marina Reports

Wally Foster advised that he would not be standing for reelection as a Board member. He stated that he had served for 15 years on the Board, had enjoyed the experience and had made a lot of friends. He thanked the Board for their support and thanked the marina team for their hard work.

Wally Foster noted that job descriptions were completed for each marina team member. A succession plan had been developed by the marina team to ensure continuity and support the teamwork that was in place. It was noted that elections will be held for General Manager, Projects Manager and Operations Manager.

Wally Foster advised that the marina generated $54,500 in 2016, slightly less than in 2015. There were no reports of thefts in 2016. He thanked Ian Syme for installation of security cameras. Two members of the RCMP have their boats moored at the marina, which helps to bolster security at the marina. In 2016 a change to some boat owners’ insurance was recommended by insurance agencies, resulting in an increase in cost of insurance for some owners. Of the nearly 200 boats at the marina, only 4 owners failed to comply with the new requirements.

Some of the projects identified for 2017-2018 include installation of water at the ambulance dock and addition of a railing along the railing to the tidal grid.

As of the date of the AGM, the wait list was small, at 14 boats on the list and no wait list for 20-foot slips.

Glenn Henderson thanked Peter Hodgson for making approximately 50 signs for the marina at his own expense. Signs include how to use the ladders, that Thieves Bay is a private marina, and that security cameras have been installed.

Projects on-going or new in 2017-2018 include:

On-going maintenance of the marina boat;

Installation of water to A dock;

The need to streamline the casual moorage allotment and payment process; it was noted that the Operations Manager spends approximately 500 hours per year on all of the functions of this position;

Installation of stainless steel railings to the tidal grid

Reconfiguring the end of E dock to accommodate larger boats;

Construction of a dock to accommodate kayaks, canoes and rowing shells;

A request from BC Ambulance Service to add some more mini-mesh at the ambulance dock.

Glenn Henderson also would like to focus additional attention on maintenance and noted that new volunteers are always needed and welcome to help with various projects.

Art Curtis advised that some of the maintenance projects upcoming in 2017-2018 include construction of a rack for donated PFDs, re-floating the maintenance shed and reconstructing and adding to the fish cleaning station.

b. Director – Recreation / Tennis Report

Mike Wiley advised that due to winter conditions, the courts had been dormant for a period of time. But that the pollen season had been light such that the courts required less maintenance. There had been an increase in membership and revenues. The courts will require refinishing in 2018.

A new tournament format had been successfully tried wherein North Pender tennis players were pitted against South Pender players.

New benches were installed in the viewing area.

Mike Wiley thanked the many volunteers by name.

Mike Wiley also noted the need to upgrade the playground facilities; in particular, to increase suitability for pre-schoolers. He would like to meet with parents to solicit input on improvements to the play area.

c. Member-at-Large Report

Dave Reed reported that he continues to attend North Pender Islands Trust meetings as often as possible in his role as liaison between the Islands Trust and MLPOS. He also sits on the Magic Lake Estates Sewer and Water Committee, so is able to fill a liaison role with that body as well. He further provides liaison duties with Pender Islands Park Recreation Commission.

Dave Reed is also a de facto member of the marina team and works with Mike Wiley on tennis matters.

While unrelated to MLPOS, he advised that pickle ball facilities have been made available at the school from 3 pm to 4 pm on Sundays.

Dave Reed recommended that more people attend MLPOS Board meetings to add voice to matters affecting Magic Lake Estates.

d. Secretary’s Report

Kathy Gilbert reported on Mouat Park, advising that a good clean-up party had taken place in the Spring. A second party will likely take place in the fall.

Kathy Gilbert also reported on the status of the appeal of the marina property assessment. She advised that an appeal had been made and heard by the Property Assessment Appeal Panel. As no adjustment had been made, MLPOS has appealed to a higher body, the Property Assessment Appeal Board. Several meetings have been held with BC Assessment staff and the MLPOS appeal team (Wally Foster, Jean Deschenes, Joanna Rogers and Kathy Gilbert.) The team is providing as much information as possible toward seeing a reduction in the assessment. As at the AGM, it is not known whether the assessment issue can be resolved at the BC Assessment staff level, or whether MLPOS will advance the appeal to a hearing with the Appeal Board.

e. Treasurer’s Report

Jean Deschenes presented the Treasurer’s report. She noted that revenues were down by about $3200 as more permanent spaces at the marina were filled, resulting in a decrease in the amount of revenue from boat owners occupying casual moorage spaces while they waited for a permanent space to become available.

She advised that tennis and breakwater fee revenues were up from the previous year, due to an increase in the number of tennis players and the increase in the number of boats new to the marina, respectively.

Expenditures at the marina were down from 2016-2017 as no large expenses were incurred.

MLPOS insurance expenses were up because the docks, previously uninsured, are now insured.

Office expenditure rose year-over-year due to development of the new website and a salary review for the Office Manager.

Cash flow is projected to meet expenditures to the end of the fiscal year, May, 2018.

Moved by Jean Deschenes

Seconded by Bob Beardell

That cash in the amount of $15,800 as of June, 2017, be transferred to general funds.


Moved by Jeremy Harwood

Seconded by Wally Foster

That the Directors’ reports be accepted.



Approval of Budget for 2017-2018

Jean Deschenes presented the September 1 2017 – August 31 2018 budget noting that revenues are anticipated and higher expenditures at the marina are also anticipated. She also noted an increase in office expenses and an increase in the charitable donations budget from $500 to $1000.

Moved by Jean Deschenes

Seconded by Paul Barber

That the 2017-2018 budget be approved.



a. Report by Pender Islands Fire and Rescue Society re second egress out of Magic Lake Estates

Art Curtis, who sits on the Board of the Pender Islands Fire and Rescue Society (PIFRS) presented a report identifying the need for a second (emergency only) egress out of MLE. The purpose of the presentation was to gauge whether or not MLPOS supported development of the second egress.

A number of situations where a secondary egress might be required including a wildfire or a downed tree over Hydro wires. The proposed route will connect Ketch Road with Scarff Road via Lively Peak. The right-of-way has been secured and surveyed and a report for the treatment (ie – construction) of the route has been prepared and is available on the Pender Islands Fire Rescue website. A grant application to the Capital Regional District (CRD) has been made; approval is pending a show of community support for development of the route.

The route will be 6 metres wide, gated and closed to vehicular traffic, except in the event of an emergency.

In response to questions, Art Curtis advised that:

The route will be maintained by the Pender Islands Parks and Recreation Commission

The gates will be locked and unlocked by PIFR.

Moved by Art Curtis

Seconded by Wally Foster

That the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society encourages the Lively Peak route as an emergency secondary egress out of Magic Lake Estates on Pender Island BC and encourages the Capital Regional District with its grant application and construction of the emergency egress as soon as possible.


b. Presentation by Roy Moore re possibility of a bowling green at tennis courts

Roy Moore has formed a committee to promote development of a lawn bowling green at the tennis courts. He indicated that he had support from more than 70 Pender Island residents for development of the facility. The lawn bowling green would be located to the west (ie left side) of the tennis courts. Six lanes are proposed along with a clubhouse that would be available to all using the recreation area at the tennis court site. Roy Moore has approached several grant-giving agencies and advised that they were interested in the project. He noted that $120,000 in grants will be required in order for the proposal to proceed, with the remaining $40,000 to be funded from other sources.

Questions raised included, with answers in brackets as follows:

Whether there will be a water catchment system (yes;)

How access by other users of the area would be provided to the clubhouse (unknown;)

Whether the greens could be used for other purposes (eg – croquet); (unknown;)

How additional parking at the site could be accommodated (in the area occupied by the tennis equipment shed;)

What the tax implications would be (the land is presently tax-exempt;)

Who would own the facility (MLPOS;)

What conditions might apply to the grants (none as far as known at this time;)

How many months of the year would the facility operate (12 months provided the surface was snow free;)

Whether the facility will be fenced (yes;)

Whether artificial turf had been considered (high capital costs and upkeep costs precluded consideration of artificial turf;)

What provision has been made for loss of children’s play area (additional area could be opened up;)

Whether there are any lawn bowlers who travel from Pender to Vancouver Island for lawn bowling (none that are known of.)

Roy Moore was thanked for his presentation. He indicated that he would be present after the meeting to answer further questions.

Moved by Ken Daly

Seconded by Mick Collins

That members of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society support, in principle, Roy Moore’s further work toward development of a bowling green in Magic Lake Estates.


in favour; 6 against

c. Appeal of Thieves Bay property assessment

See Secretary’s report above.

d. Board recommendations for changes to the Bylaws of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society

The following two recommendations were presented for the membership’s approval:

That Section 17 of the Bylaws of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society be amended by substituting the word “October” for “September.”


That a new Section 17.2 be added to the Bylaws of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society as follows: “No member of the same household is permitted to hold office on the Board of Directors of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society at the same time.”



Jim Peacock was thanked for agreeing to conduct the election.

The following people were acclaimed:

Jeremy Harwood (President – 2-year term;)

Peter Morton (Vice-President (2-year term;)

Glenn Henderson (Marina Manager – 2-year term;)

Patrick Crammond (Marina Operations Manager – 2 year term;)* see note

Art Curtis (Marina Maintenance Manager – 2-year term;)

Ian Syme (Marina Projects Manager – 2-year term;)

Mike Wiley (Director / Tennis – 2-year term.)

Note: Bob Coulson offered to assist Patrick Crammond with his position of Marina Operations Manager, particularly with respect to investigating some automating of casual moorage.


A brief Q and A session including a question from Roy Moore suggesting that the sign near Fire Hall #2 be upgraded. President Peter Morton is investigating opportunities.

Mick Collins requested that Magic Lake residents be kept apprised of the capital works around Buck Lake.

In response to another enquiry from Mr Collins, it was suggested that everyone on Pender Island contact the Pender Island Emergency Program Coordinator (Pat Haugh – 250-629-9991) for information on the program.


The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society was adjourned at 4:07 pm.

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