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MLPOS Directors' Meeting. July 12, 2021.

MLPOS Directors’ meeting minutes


Magic Lake Property Owners’ Society Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes July 12, 2021 Thieves Bay Park

Attendees: Bob Coulson Vice President

Lori Davenport Secretary

Jean Deschenes Treasurer

Robb Zukk Marina Operations Manager

Art Curtis Marina Projects Manager

Wally Foster Marina General Manager

Mike Wiley Recreation/Tennis

Dave Reed Member-at-Large

Joanna Rogers Office Manager

Absent: Jeremy Harwood President and Chair

Ian Syme Marina Maintenance Manager

Discussion Action

1. Called to order at 4:05pm

2. Approval of Agenda


Motioned by Lori

Seconded by Jean


3. Approval of previous minutes


Motioned by Dave

Seconded by Jean


4. Treasurer’s Report

➢ Jean presented the attached report for discussion

➢ Slight decrease for June due to property tax

➢ June year-to-date revenue slightly higher

➢ Expenses slightly higher due to property taxes

Motioned by Dave

Seconded by Art


5. Marina Report

➢ Eelgrass sign has been delayed

➢ Whale art work will be displayed near the whale sign

➢ Parking lines need to be addressed

➢ 6 or 7 pilings need to be replaced, will get quotes

➢ New handrail installed

MLPOS Directors’ meeting minutes


➢ The new Thieves Bay sign will be up week of July 12th

6. Recreation/Tennis Report

Pickle ball

➢ Pickle ball seems to be very popular, the court has been busy


➢ Looking for someone to chip a few piles of branches

7. Director-at-Large

➢ Water and sewer construction going well there has been more rock excavation than expected

➢ Grant update at next meeting

8. Directors Report

Approval of Directors Report

Motioned by Jean

Seconded by Wally


9. Correspondence

No Correspondence

10. Playground

➢ Apply for the Canada Community Revitalization Fund Grant


11. Survey

➢ Magic Lake Demographics Survey has been sent to residents via bulk mail and is also available on-line

12. New Business

➢ Any correspondence sent out from MLPOS has to be approved by board majority

➢ Proposed date for AGM is October 2nd at the Legion

13. Adjourn

Adjourned at 5:29 pm

Next Meeting: August 30, 2021 @4:00 pm

Location: TBD


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