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MLPOS Meeting Minutes - April 11, 2016

MINUTES OF THE MAGIC LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS` SOCIETY DIRECTORS MEETING HELD ON MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2016 AT 3:00 PM AT THE PENDER ISLAND SCHOOL MEETING ROOM 5714 CANAL ROAD, PENDER ISLAND, BC PRESENT: Peter Morton President Mike Wiley Director of Recreation / Tennis (3:10 pm) Dave Reed Member-at-Large Kathy Gilbert Secretary Jeremy Harwood Marina Maintenance Manager Peter Testemale Marina Operations Manager Joanna Rogers Office Manager REGRETS: Wally Foster General Manager – Marina Jim McCrum Vice-President Jean Deschenes Treasurer Glenn Henderson Marina Projects Manager GUEST: Ian Syme 1. CALL TO ORDER Chair Morton called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm. Peter Testemale welcomed Ian Syme, and advised that Ian Syme has offered to take over the position of Marina Operations Manager from Peter Testamale. Further pending changes include Glenn Henderson assuming the role of General Manager – Marina from Wally Foster, and Art Curtis taking over Glenn Henderson’s role as Marina Projects Manager. 2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Moved by Jeremy Harwood Seconded by Peter Testemale That the agenda be approved. CARRIED 3. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES Deferred. 4. DELEGATION None Jeremy Harwood undertook to contact John Chapman, Chair of the Pender Island Parks and Recreation Commission to attend an upcoming MLPOS meeting to discuss items of mutual interest between the two organizations. 5. BUSINESS ARISING FROM MINUTES Board members were advised that two generators have been purchased for use at the marina. A third one is coming via Peter Morton. 6. TREASURER`S REPORT As Jean Deschenes was not present, this item was laid over. Board members subsequently discussed options for the future of Mouat Park, including selling the park to the residents for $1.00, and taking the issue to the AGM. 7. DIRECTOR REPORTS a Marina Several members of the Marina group had had a tour of the marina with Otter Bay marina staff. It was noted that, should electrical service be installed, 30 amp service, with attendant marina grade wiring would be required. Peter Testemale suggested a discussion with Jess at Otter Bay Marina, as there are surplus 30 amp services at Otter Bay. Jeremy will investigate. Jeremy will contact Otter Bay Marina and Dave Reed will contact BC Ambulance Service regarding line painting at Thieves Bay Marina, to see if Otter Bay Marina requires line painting (could cost share,) and whether BC Ambulance Service might be able to contribute to the cost of the work at Thieves Bay. Approximate cost for line painting will be $3500. Peter Testemale advised that all boat contracts have been sent out. b Recreation / Tennis Mike Wiley advised that he and a crew from the tennis courts had cleaned off the pollen from the courts. He also advised that new net tape had been installed. Dave Reed advised that a multi-week tournament will be held, with the final in August. c Director-at-Large None Moved by Peter Testemale Seconded by Jeremy Harwood That the Directors’ reports be accepted. CARRIED 8. CORRESPONDENCE None. 9. NEW BUSINESS Regarding the issue of pedestrian safety along the roads, Jeremy suggested the possibility of a boardwalk along the ditches. Dave Reed advised that this had been discussed as an option, but costs and the fact that some of the roads have never been surveyed preclude this option. Board members were also advised that word on the bus proposal for the Penders has yet to be announced. 10. OTHER None 11. ADJOURNMENT Moved by Dave Reed that the April 11 2016 meeting of the Magic Lake Property Owners Society be adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 pm. Next meeting May 9 2016 3:00 pm Pender Island School

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